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Ina Ruwa Updates: Premium Edition and iOS 4

Ina Ruwa Free Weather v1.2 is now in the app store. It has been upgraded to support fast app switching when using iOS 4. Advertising comes from Apple’s iAd network in place of AdMob’s ad network. Ina Ruwa Premium Weather … Continue reading

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Ina Ruwa for iOS 4 is Coming Soon

Because of my concern for the viability of MonoTouch for App Store apps, I’ve rewritten Ina Ruwa in Objective-C. That’s why there’s been no updates for so long. Ina Ruwa has been renamed “Ina Ruwa Free Weather” and has been … Continue reading

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MonoTouch Binding for AdMob

Update 10/11/09: Fixed code display. Update 01/05/2010: Download a MonoDevelop project sample at http://www.sabonrai.com/downloads/MT_SampleAdMob.zip. This includes fixes for the problems pointed out in the comments by Rory. It’s not complete yet, but the basics work, so here’s my effort at … Continue reading

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