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Is this the end for Python Math?

What’s the scariest communication a developer can receive from Apple? From: App Review Subject: Python Math: Application Submission Feedback Hello Terry, My name is Cathy and I’m writing on behalf of the App Review Team at Apple. I would like … Continue reading

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Best iPhone 4S Commentary

In commenting on the iPhone 4S launch, John Gruber of Daring Fireball and Horace Dediu of Asymco hit the proverbial nail on the head. Dediu correctly identifies the real market for the new iPhone 4S. Hint: it’s not the media … Continue reading

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Ina Ruwa Updates: Premium Edition and iOS 4

Ina Ruwa Free Weather v1.2 is now in the app store. It has been upgraded to support fast app switching when using iOS 4. Advertising comes from Apple’s iAd network in place of AdMob’s ad network. Ina Ruwa Premium Weather … Continue reading

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Ina Ruwa for iOS 4 is Coming Soon

Because of my concern for the viability of MonoTouch for App Store apps, I’ve rewritten Ina Ruwa in Objective-C. That’s why there’s been no updates for so long. Ina Ruwa has been renamed “Ina Ruwa Free Weather” and has been … Continue reading

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“Steal This Ebook”

Joe Konrath is running an experiment concerning ebook piracy. Read “Steal This Ebook” on his blog. I first heard of Joe Konrath from Mike Masnick’s article on Techdirt. Konrath has written extensively about dealing with ebook piracy here, here and … Continue reading

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Is This the End for MonoTouch?

Many bits have been spilled on the alleged changes to section 3.3.1 of Apple’s iPhone developer agreement. John Gruber broke the story on Daring Fireball. Hundreds of articles, from sources as disparate as bloggers and the BBC, have written about … Continue reading

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Ina Ruwa is in the iPhone App Store

My very first published iPhone/iPod Touch app is now available in the app store: Ina Ruwa Weather. I used MonoTouch and C# to build it. What a great system.

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