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DataLocker review: great free app for encrypting your Dropbox files

DataLocker is a free app from AppSense that encrypts files and then lets you share them with Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad via Dropbox.┬áThis is very useful if you have a few (or many) files on your Dropbox for which … Continue reading

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Multi-Tasking Fuss

What’s all the fuss about multi-tasking on the iPhone and iPad? Continue reading

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VMWare Fusion and Windows 7

While struggling with how to transition to a new Mac while using Microsoft Money, I’ve been alternating between using my old Windows Vista machine directly or using Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac. Remote Desktop works really well but I … Continue reading

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Quicken Financial Life for Mac

Dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows 7 was not working very well for me to use Microsoft Money. I typically use Excel along with Money to plan which bills to pay. I have Excel on the Mac but not on … Continue reading

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What I miss most from Windows on a Mac

Beyond Compare: I have yet to find a better file/folder sync and poor man’s backup solution on Windows and nothing equivalent on Mac. Truly, it is beyond compare. I can’t do without it, so I run Beyond Compare on my … Continue reading

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